Check out DottyAR, Dotty’s Augmented reality app. It’s customized just for you – your products, your animations and sequences.

dottyar-augmented-reality-02Download from the Google Play store here. Get the app


DottyAR (augmented reality) is the first simple to use app that allows you to see your own 3D models in augmented reality. You can sequence and view states and animations without any programming or technical knowledge. Simply upload you models to DottyView and create your sequences and animations. Instantly see the created animations in your DottyAR app. You can sign-up here, and it’s free!

It takes less than 1 minute to get your first augmented reality model working. Take another 10 minutes to upload your own 3D model and you’ll be impressing your boss, getting that next promotion, winning that tender or creating a virtual training manual.

The uses are endless and now for the first time you don’t need programmers or developers. Dotty provides business solutions, and we do it your way.

Want some help to kick start your entry into augmented reality? Contact us for a live demo or just a quick chat.