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DottyAR and ARKit

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DottyAR literally puts augmented reality in the palm of your hand. And with the new ARKit SDK from Apple you can virtually put anything that you want in your hand.

The new iPhone 8, with iOS 11, has some amazing new features that have really taken the iPhone range into the future. Many of these new features are well documented and covered in numerous articles such as this, this and this. However, the one that we are most excited about is the inclusion of the ARKit SDK. Now, without going to techno-crazy let’s try and explain why this is so great.

To really understand this you need to look back, to look forward. DottyAR is the smartphone app that brings your models stored on DottyView into the real world. I.e. augmented reality. DottyAR is pretty awesome, even if we do say so ourselves, but it always had one obvious little niggle. And that was the ‘twitchiness’ of the models. We used various libraries, code and our developers spent a decent chunk of time making the augmented content interact nicely with the real world. However, Apple’s new ARKit attacks this problem better than anything we’ve seen today (well, at least anything that’s commercially available today….). The DottyAR augmented reality experience is simply next level, when run on the iPhone and iOS11 operating system. The 6DoF (6 degrees of freedom) is quite simply fantastic.

So now, you have a true 6DoF AR experience with all of the other great functions of DottyAR. And what does that mean for you. Well. let’s take a look at a simple, but common use-case. Take a remote field worker for example. They can use the Dotty Tele-presence to dial into a Subject Matter Expewrt (SME) back in head office. They can see first hand (in augmented reality) a live, step-by-step demonstration of the task at hand. This is enabled through the 2-way collaborative augmented reality session. The field worker can then set the augmented reality model to the side of the actual job. He can carry on with his work, while at any time pick up his phone and quickly glance over at the augmented scene. Which of course stays put, just where he left it.

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